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Art of Photography

Before leaving, why not make an awesome family portrait that will remind everyone that they are always in your heart.

A great landscape photograph transports the viewer and gives them the sense of being there and seeing something incredible.

Travel photography is the widest photography genre. It incorporates landscapes, cityscapes, street photography and documentary.

Village Photography Group is Georgia’s preferred child and family photographers specializing in daycare and school photography.

Nature photography is a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes.

Winter photography, especially in the colder parts of the world, is a specialized niche. Photographers have to take care of their cameras.

Getting great photographs at the beach sunrises and sunsets on the beach can provide some seriously amazing color in your images!

Steff White Photo Shoots

A photo shoot is a term that describes the process taken by creatives and models that results in a predetermined visual objective being obtained. An example could be a model posing for a photographer at a studio or an outdoor location. Book a professional photo shoot for your vacation, wedding, proposal, honeymoon, or solo fashion photo shoot in 900+ locations worldwide. Choose from … That’s how much we believe in the quality of our photo services. Photographer..

Professional Steff White Photographer



Jeff is truly an outstanding photographer (and wonderful person) with an almost mystical ability to capture the true nature of people and events. I’d recommend him to anyone!.”



Thank you for shooting Jared’s Bar Mitzvah. Our experience working with you was fantastic and the pictures you captured are outstanding and really captured the magic of the day.”



The entire family enjoyed working with Jeff. He is extremely conscientious and dedicated to providing you the highest quality photographs of your event. We will definitely use him again.

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